Stellar Design, Googles Involvement

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5. Social integration through People

As mentioned, Ice Cream Sandwich could be one of the main reasons Android shoppers buy the Galaxy Nexus, but it's the integration of social elements that could keep them attached to the device. According to Samsung, Ice Cream Sandwich will launch on the Galaxy Nexus with a new "People" app that "lets you browse friends, family, and coworkers, and see their photos in high-resolution." Considering the importance of social networking today, People could be a driving force behind Galaxy Nexus adoption.

6. An upgrade guarantee

One of the biggest issues in the Android ecosystem is fragmentation. Too often, it takes too long for a handset to be updated with the latest flavor of Android. But Samsung reassured customers on Oct. 18 by saying that the Galaxy Nexus be the "first to receive software upgrades and new applications as they become available." That alone might be a selling point for Android customers.

7. The design is stellar

It's easy to point to the Galaxy Nexus' specs and get excited, but the device itself looks to be an extremely well-designed product. It's thin, comes with a nice casing, and looks nice from all sides, not just the front. As Android customers know, it has taken quite a while for companies to deliver truly good-looking smartphones, and too often, Android vendors have been selling devices that can't come even close to matching the iPhone's design. But like the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus comes close. That might just play into its popularity on store shelves.

8. Consider Samsung's history

When looking at the Android ecosystem, it's hard to find many companies that have brought to customers everything they're really looking for. Motorola has the Droid X 2, which is nice, and HTC's Evo line has proven popular. But Samsung has done the best job of appealing to customers. In fact, the company announced recently that it has sold 30 million units of its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones since their launch last year. Although that might not impress Apple fans that are used to their company selling up to 20 million iPhones in a quarter, it is impressive in the Android space. It could play a key role in the value customers see in the Galaxy Nexus going forward.

9. It's the best answer to the iPhone 4S

Considering the bitter battle going on between Android and iOS in the mobile space, it's no wonder that every new Android-based handset that launches is compared to Apple's iPhone. Although many times Android handsets fall short, the Galaxy Nexus is unarguably the best answer yet to the iPhone 4S. As mentioned, it features a bigger screen, LTE connectivity, and a design that appeals to consumers. As long as the Galaxy Nexus comes in at the right price and is available to enough carriers, Android customers that don't want any part of the iPhone might just flock to Samsung's latest device.

10. Google's involvement

Although Google doesn't get directly involved in every new Android device that hits store shelves, when it does, courtesy of its "Nexus" name, it matters. In fact, the company is trying to use that stamp as a way to help customers determine which devices on store shelves are capable of delivering the most value to them. As a result Google's involvement with the Galaxy Nexus is huge for Samsung and it helps put its device ahead of the rest of its Android-based competitors.

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