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Sprint Selling More Assets in Fight for Long-Term Profitability

Posted : 2016-04-29

Sprint is selling some equipment to raise $1.1 billion, while also receiving a $2 billion bridge loan for 18 months as it gathers more cash. Read More >


Samsung Smartphone Sales Help Hike Q1 2016 Profit, Revenue

Posted : 2016-04-28

The March release of Samsung's latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flagship phones apparently helped raise the company's Q1 revenue and profit. Read More >


AT&T Sees Postpaid Consumer Smartphones Stall, DirecTV Revenue Gains

Posted : 2016-04-27

AT&T lost 4,000 consumer mobile customers but gained a healthy dose of business mobile users as its overall business continues to shift. Read More >


T-Mobile Posts $479M Profit in Q1, Reversing $63M Year-Ago Loss

Posted : 2016-04-26

Revenue was up for T-Mobile in the first quarter of 2016 to $8.6 billion from $7.8 billion one year ago, while the company also added 877,000 branded postpaid phone customers. Read More >


Battery Experiments Give 100K Charging Cycles With Key Ingredient Change

Posted : 2016-04-25

Battery researchers at the University of California-Irvine replace an expensive ingredient with a cheap one and see intriguing promise. Read More >

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