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Voxeet's HD Concall App Takes Static Out of Virtual Meetups

Posted : 2014-08-19

PRODUCT REVIEW: Little-known Voxeet has come up with a new, free-of-charge conference call app that enables talk-overs, cuts static -- and just works. Read More >


Android's Dominance Doesn't Tell the Whole Smartphone Market Story

Posted : 2014-08-16

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google's Android is far outselling everything else on a worldwide basis. But Android's dominance means less to people who need a secure and reliable smartphone for business. Read More >


Google Asks Language Lovers to Help Refine Translate Services

Posted : 2014-08-14

Google has created an online community where language lovers can contribute their expertise to continually refine Google Translate services. Read More >


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Offers a Hint of iPhone for the U.K.

Posted : 2014-08-13

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a lower-end version of the GS5, with an iPhone-like metal band, that appears headed for the U.K. Read More >


Google Releases Fit Preview SDK for Its Fitness App Platform

Posted : 2014-08-11

Apps developers can now start to experiment and build fitness apps for Android using the preview SDK and its APIs, tools and other features. Read More >

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