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Why Super Bowl Is a Gold Mine for Mobile-Device Hackers

Posted : 2015-01-31

Fake WiFi networks, spoofed Websites and emails, and false coupons can cause super problems for fans attending Super Bowl XLIX. Read More >


HP Launches Flock of New Tablets Specifically for Business

Posted : 2015-01-20

Key for producing a successful enterprise device: It must be able to be managed in a way that satisfies both the user and the enterprise. Read More >


Facebook at Work to Compete Directly With Numerous Services

Posted : 2015-01-14

Facebook at Work lets businesses create their own version of Facebook, just for their company and employees. Read More >


High Court Wants Gov't Views in Google vs. Oracle API Copyright Fight

Posted : 2015-01-12

The Supreme Court asked the U.S. Solicitor General for the administration's position on the copyrightability of application programming interfaces. Read More >


CES 2015: Death of Laptop, Desktop PCs Isn't About to Happen

Posted : 2015-01-08

NEWS ANALYSIS: There is a renewed interest in laptops and desktop this year at the CES, and the manufacturers are ready for the attention. Read More >

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