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Verizon, LTE, 4G LTE, drones, Verizon Airborne LTE Operations, first responders, mobile carriers, AT&T

Verizon Testing Drones for In-Air LTE Networks During Emergencies

The experiments are testing how drones could be used to fly LTE cells into the skies to rebuild cellular networks when disaster strikes.
Viv Labs, AI, artificial intelligence, Samsung, Siri

Artificial Intelligence Vendor Viv Labs Acquired by Samsung

Samsung bought Viv Labs to add more AI capabilities to its product line as the technology gathers more interest from consumers.
ZenFone, Asus, smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1, notebooks, ZenBook 3, ZenWatch 3

Asus Unveils Its Latest Smartphones, ZenBook 3 Notebooks, Tablets

The four new ZenPhone 3 handsets range from $199 to $799, while the latest ZenBook 3 notebook starts at $1,099.
Note7, Note7 fires, smartphones, smartphone fires, Note7 recall, Southwest Airlines, Samsung

Samsung Investigating Note7 Fire in Southwest Airlines Jet

A passenger's Note7 began smoking while the aircraft was at an airport gate in Kentucky, causing the plane to be evacuated, said a report.
Microsoft Band 2, fitness bands, wearables, health bands, fitness tracking

Microsoft Drops Its Fitness 2 Band Wearable

Reports say Microsoft recently ended plans to run the bands using Windows 10, and they have been removed from Microsoft's web store.
Android security

Google Patches Android for 78 Vulnerabilities in October Update

While Google pushes forward with new Pixel hardware, existing devices get another large patch haul.
Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Box, streaming media players. streaming video player, Google Cast, Google

Xiaomi Mi Box Streaming Video Player Comes to the U.S. for $69

The 4K Ultra HD streaming media player incorporates Google Android TV to stream content through a wide range of apps.
Google Pixel smartphones

Google Unveils Its Pixel Smartphones and Daydream View VR Headset

The Pixel and Pixel XL phone models, which include hardware and software designed and engineered by Google, start at $649.
Google, Pixel smartphones, smartphones, Pixel XL, Google event, Google Daydream, VR

Google Pixel Phone Images Mistakenly Posted Early by Canadian Carrier

The Google Pixel smartphones and other devices are expected to be officially unveiled by Google on Oct. 4 at an event in San Francisco. 
HTC 10, smartphones, iPhone 7, Samsung, mobile carriers, unlocked phone, HTC, HTC Vive

HTC 10 Smartphone on Sale for $150 Off Through Oct. 8

The latest HTC flagship phone is available at special pricing for use on the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon mobile networks.        
HTC, Viveport, Vive VR, virtual reality, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, PlayStation VR, VR content

HTC Launches Its Viveport Virtual Reality App Store for VR Fans

The Viveport store aims to provide a centralized site where VR enthusiasts can find new games and other VR experiences as they are created.
Note7, Note7 fires, battery fires, Samsung Note7 recall, recall, Consumer Product Safety Commission, smartphone fires, smartphones, phablet

Samsung Probing Claim of Fire in a Customer's Replacement Note7 Phone

A man in China said his replacement Note7 caught fire while charging, according to reports. Some U.S. owners are reporting heat problems.

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