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Apple MacBook Pro Update Rumors Keep Surfacing VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Rumors of an Apple MacBook Pro overhaul continue circulating; Facebook will start overriding ad blockers on desktop site; a breach of Oracle's Micros POS system could be far-reaching; and there's more.
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Rumors of Apple MacBook Pro Overhaul Continue Circulating

The MacBook Pro line hasn't been drastically updated in four years, but big changes are expected this year, according to a new report.
Apple Watch 2

More Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Built-in GPS, Barometer, Better Battery

The next-gen Apple Watch will also have a faster processor and is expected to be released in the second half of 2016, according to reports.
Hulu, video streaming, Yahoo View, Time Warner, AT&T, DirecTV

Hulu Free Video Streaming Services Move to Yahoo View

The free Hulu content, which is limited in scope to only some videos, is moving away so the company can focus on its paying subscribers.
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Apple iPhone 7 to Include Pressure-Sensitive Home Button: Reports VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: As iPhone 7 debut approaches, pressure-sensitive home button rumored; Walmart bets $3.3 billion on young e-commercer; FTC commissioner looking for hackers' help with consumer privacy; and there's more.  
Turi, AI, artificial intelligence, Apple, acquisition, machine learning

Apple Acquiring Artificial Intelligence Vendor Turi: Report

Turi, which specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence, will add to Apple's holdings in that market.
iPhone 7, Apple, smartphones, iOS 10, iPhone rumors, haptic home button, dual cameras

As iPhone 7 Debut Approaches, Pressure-Sensitive Home Button Rumored

Other iPhone 7 rumors persist as well, including dual cameras, the deletion of the headphone jack and a third model that is even larger.
Pixinote, smartphones, iOS, Android, U.S. Mail, digital photos, email, social media, Facebook, mobile apps

Pixinote App Puts Photos, Notes Back on the World's Refrigerator Doors

In today's digital world, many people have stopped sending photos and personal notes via the U.S. Mail. Pixinote aims to bring them back.
Apple Black Hat

Apple Launches Bug Bounty With Rewards of Up to $200K

In a surprise announcement at Black Hat, Apple's security chief announces the company's first formal bug bounty program.
global tablet sales

Global Tablet Sales Fall 12% in Q2 as Decline Continues: IDC

Consumers are holding off on purchases while vendors refocus their product lines on productivity machines as market change continues.
Didi Chuxing and Uber

Uber China Being Acquired by China's Didi Chuxing Ride-Sharing Service

After trying to battle Didi Chuxing for business in China for 2 years, Uber cuts its losses and sells its China division to its rival. 
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iPhone Hits 1B Sold as Apple Plans Big Things for Augmented Reality

Apple just sold its 1 billionth iPhone, a ground-breaking device that changed mobile phones as we knew them and created mass competition.

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