Down with the Evil

By Jim Lynch  |  Posted 2005-01-26 Print this article Print

Boogerhead Mac Bashers!"> No column about Apple or the Mac would be complete without dealing with the Mac bashers. Recently there has even been some Apple bashing by some of my esteemed colleagues, Loyd Case and John Dvorak. Both of them have taken Apple to task about various things and both have, at times, alluded to something silly called "The Apple Cult" and also something or other about a "reality distortion field" generated by Steve Jobs. Poppycock! Nothing could be further from the truth. Theres no such thing as the Apple Cult nor is there a RDF surrounding Steve Jobs. We Mac users are nothing more than everyday folk that just want to use our computers in peace and quiet. But will crazed, Mac bashing maniacs like Loyd and John let us? Hell no! They keep attacking us and victimizing us time and time again! Well you know what? We Mac users arent going to take it anymore! Were going to fight back and turn the tables on these stupid, evil windroid drones! Up your nose with a rubber hose, Loyd! Stick it, Dvorak!
Loyd: Uh… Jim… remember to take your meds before you get to the keyboard next time.
Down with the Wintel monopoly and their stupid pawns in the media! Down with Mac bashing goons like Case and Dvorak! They cant oppress us forever! Our time will come! The Mac mini will lead Apple to glory once again! Steve Jobs is God! Apple uber alles! Wintel will faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!!!! Ahem...[cough, cough] you can see...I have calmly and dispassionately proven in the paragraphs above that there is no Apple Cult or Reality Distortion Field and if there were, I certainly would not allow myself to be brainwashed by either of them. Its all silly nonsense, trust me... Loyd: Bwhahahahahaha! Will you be giving OS X a try? Tell me in the forum...

Jim manages the PC Magazine and ExtremeTech forums, and is responsible for building community in the forums on both sites. He started managing PC Mag's forum on ZiffNet on CompuServe many years ago. He then transferred the staff and expertise to the Web. He left ZDNet when it moved to San Francisco and came back to Ziff after the split from ZDNet, right before ExtremeTech launched. You can get more background at his personal site:

His favorite movies include Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Three Musketeers (1973 version), Dune (Sci Fi Channel version), and gobs of others. He can't live without his iPAQ Pocket PC—,he uses it at the gym and everywhere else—,and his DVD collection features more than 200 films. His favorite game is Tribes (PC), which is more than three years old but he still plays it all the time.

Jim likes interacting with the folks in the forum and the content. 'I Love both of 'em,' says Lynch. 'It's what makes the job fun and interesting.'

You're welcome to visit Jim's site for more information about him.


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