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NeoOffice/J is an open-source project but is not one of the projects. This has been a source of friction with some developers, who dont feel that resources should be used for NeoOffice/J. Because the NeoOffice/J work is being done with the Mac OS X windowing system, which doesnt use, the NeoOffice/J project doesnt contribute technology to Peterlin maintains, however, that NeoOffice/J is dependent on OpenOffice.
"The X11 port was extremely important, for several reasons," said Peterlin. "We need for work on that port to continue."
Thats because literally 99 percent of the NeoOffice/J code is from, according to Peterlin. This means that and NeoOffice/J have more in common with each other than do the Solaris and Windows versions of For insights on the Mac in the enterprise, check out Executive Editor Matthew Rothenbergs Weblog. Unfortunately for users, the NeoOffice/J and projects may need to remain separate, dividing scarce developer resources. "The reason its happening outside of is mainly due to licensing reasons," said Williams. uses a Limited GNU General Public License and the Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL), which doesnt require that code changes be contributed back to project. "Patrick Luby … has invested many hours of time into the [NeoOffice/J] project, and even financial resources," said Williams. "He simply doesnt want some random company [even Sun Microsystems Inc.] to take all his hard work, package it up and sell it, without having to contribute their changes back to the project. Which I believe is completely understandable, since NeoOffice/J is mainly a two-person effort." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on Apple in the enterprise.


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