AdMarvel Launches Android Advertising Toolkit 1.5

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2010-02-17 Print this article Print

AdMarvel, a subsidiary of Opera Software as well as a provider of mobile advertising services, announced the availability of its Android Advertising Toolkit version 1.5 on Feb. 17.

AdMarvel, a subsidiary of Opera Software as well as a provider of mobile advertising services, announced the availability of its Android Advertising Toolkit version 1.5 on Feb. 17.

The AdMarvel Android Advertising Toolkit enables Android application developers to easily integrate rich media advertising, including advertising from various global ad networks, into their applications. AdMarvel announced the new version of its toolkit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

In addition, company officials said AdMarvel also supports rich media advertising on the mobile web on Android phones. Advertising metrics and analytics are provided via an online web console that provides a near real-time view of the application's advertising performance.  And to further meet the needs of Android developers, AdMarvel also features a rich media ad-server, supporting the provisioning and management of direct-sourced or in-house advertising.

"Android devices are quickly catching up to the iPhone in terms of distribution and usage around the world," said Mahi de Silva, CEO of AdMarvel, in a statement. "Leveraging our work with rich media advertising on the iPhone, we are very excited to extend our platform to Android developers. Rich media advertising does a better job of engaging consumers, and provides for a better brand experience.  Advertisers are willing to spend more on these campaigns, which means higher revenue for the developer or publisher."

The AdMarvel toolkit supports JavaScript, expandable ad units, animation, interstitials and transparent overlays of content and user interaction, company officials said. It also supports the ability to contain an ad experience to within an application for the promotion of new features or content channels.

Moreover, the AdMarvel Android toolkit also supports click-to-call, click-to-maps, click-to-app, click-to-video and click to YouTube actions.  And the toolkit also supports server side tools to create, manage and track rich media ad performance and analytics.

AdMarvel officials said the company's offerings power many of the leading developers on the iPhone and Android platforms and support over 500 publisher and carrier customers globally. AdMarvel works on behalf of its customers to source, manage, optimize and serve advertising from 51 global and regional ad networks and agencies.

Opera announced its acquisition of AdMarvel in January 2010 with the goal of improving the performance of mobile advertising and expand the browser company's overall portfolio of products and services.

In a statement on the Jan. 20 acquisition of AdMarvel, Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera, said: "In our fast-growing industry, mobile advertising represents an interesting long-term revenue opportunity. Every month, nearly 50 million people access the Web using Opera on their mobile phones and together with AdMarvel, we think we can play an important role in the evolution of mobile advertising." 

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