iPhone Not the Only Game in Town

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However, Chambers emphasized that "Fortunately, the iPhone isn't the only game in town." He said Adobe has been working closely with Google to bring Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0 to Android devices. And, "Because this is Flash, it is rather trivial to port games created with Flash that target the iPhone to target other operating systems, such as Android," he said.

In a tweet, Mike Sax, founder and president of Sax.net, said, "Business opportunity: identify the most successful Flash games in the AppStore and write native versions (because they will all be yanked)."

Meanwhile, Adobe has pledged to continue efforts to add Flash support to all the major smartphone platforms. And Chambers says he believes the open platforms will win out "over the type of closed, locked down platform that Apple is trying to create."

Responses to Chambers' post were almost all in support of Adobe's move to stand fast in the face of Apple's policies. However, one responder, who identified himself as Scott Barnes, a "former Microsoft Adobe compete lead," said:

"This is a very biased post and a weak response to the problem. Bottom line is Adobe were warned to knock off immature passive aggressive behavior or Apple would respond in kind. The warning was ignored and as a result Adobe has polluted the well for the industry.

"Instead of coming out with 'ya know our bad, Apple we apologise let's make up' negotiations, staffers are now attempting to insight a digital riot against the evil Apple empire."

Chambers responded that Barnes was making assumptions he had no knowledge about and that there were negotiations that must remain private.

And Chambers ended his post with:

"We are at the beginning of a significant change in the industry, and I believe that ultimately open platforms will win out over the type of closed, locked down platform that Apple is trying to create. I am excited about Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0 and all of the opportunities that they will make available to Flash developers across multiple platforms (desktop, Android, Palm, Windows Phone 7, RIM, etc...)." 

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