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Meanwhile, Microsoft provides a bit of connection between Team System and the data center, Guckenheimer said. "For example, we have a Design for Operations starter kit that provides workflows between Microsoft Operations Manager and Team System. Thats really just a down payment," he said. AVIcode, of Baltimore, provides the starter kit via a partnership with Microsoft. Guckenheimer said Microsoft is looking at the issue as three points on a triangle—the application life cycle, the operations life cycle and PMO—as parts of the organizational ecosystem and is working to tie them together.
"Thats the true north for where we go for much longer than Rosario," Guckenheimer said. "Think of that as the five–to 10-year vision. We have lots of work to do there. We have an application platform vision that takes us very far there. What well be doing in Orcas and Rosario is starting to light those up. Youll see more integration flows with the data center and more integration flows with PMOs, and probably more between the data center and PMOs, too."
Hawaii is still in the incubation stages, but it will likely play a role in the continued integration of Microsofts tooling story. Meanwhile, the choice of Rosario, a resort on Orcas, as the code name for the VSTS follow-on was intentional, Guckenheimer said. "We think of this as not something that is a leap to another island," he said. "We think of this as the building out of Orcas." Meanwhile, Rosario will feature the enhancement of some of the roles associated with VSTS and will include things customers have been asking Microsoft to deliver, Guckenheimer said. In addition to some extension of roles, Microsoft will deliver improvements to the ease-of-use of the Team System product. For example, Guckenheimer said, "We do today a very competitive job for globally distributed development. We do as well as anyone else." But customers are pushing the company to deliver better support out-of-the-box for workflows where multiple companies are involved, he said. Guckenheimer said what Microsoft is trying to do with its team tools is to make team development as productive as the company has made individual development. "Its analogous to what the company did with Visual Basic in individual programming," Guckenheimer said. "What we hope to do with Team System is very similar—make it possible for any organization to collaborate on software and run multiple projects and get daily insight into the progress and pull quality upstream." Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis in programming environments and developer tools.

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