Different Project Types

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Different Project Types

The early days of Mono left a lot to be desired. But in the past couple of years, Mono has really plowed forward with support for many things .NET developers wanted, including ASP.NET and LINQ. And with MonoDevelop, you have access to such features. This makes MonoDevelop compelling indeed.

For example, I was able to quickly create an ASP.NET application using the ASP.NET project template. Although MonoDevelop on Windows doesn't at this time support a toolbox for ASP.NET (but one is likely to be present in a future version, as there is one for Linux), you can, nevertheless, make use of all the usual ASP.NET server-side controls in your code.

And truth be told, as an ASP.NET developer, I very rarely touch the toolbox in Microsoft Visual Studio. Much of my coding takes place in the C# files, so I don't even miss the toolbox. However, I'm well aware that many ASP.NET developers would disagree with my sentiments and would like to see a toolbox.

Still, what you do get is a nice code completion feature. If you're editing an .aspx file, you can type "<asp" and you'll see a list box appear showing you all the server-side tags at your disposal that are all in the "asp" namespace.

Here's the full list of what comes built into the Windows version of MonoDevelop at the time of this writing: C# (console application and GTK# 2.0 GUI application), ASP.NET (Web application or ASP.NET MVC), Moonlight (still in beta, but it's already pretty nice), NUnit, so-called samples (for Glade# and Gnome# projects), IL, packaging projects and a set of VB.NET projects similar to the C# ones (including ASP.NET but no MVC).

Jeff Cogswell is the author of Designing Highly Useable Software (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0782143016) among other books and is the owner/operator of CogsMedia Training and Consulting.Currently Jeff is a senior editor with Ziff Davis Enterprise. Prior to joining Ziff, he spent about 15 years as a software engineer, working on Windows and Unix systems, mastering C++, PHP, and ASP.NET development. He has written over a dozen books.

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