Review: InterDo 3.0

By Timothy Dyck  |  Posted 2003-05-22 Print this article Print

Kavado's InterDo is a stateless Web application firewall—a notably different architecture from that of both Teros-100 APS and AppShield.

InterDo 3.0
InterDo from Kavado provides a scalable platform for Web application traffic inspection and filtering. The products Web services support makes it the right choice for organizations deploying publicly accessible Web services. InterDo costs $15,000 per server.
  • PRO: Integrates with Kavados Web application scanner for easy security rules generation; offers Web services protection down to the method and parameter level.

  • CON: Stateless design reduces effectiveness of the security features, although it does improve performance and scalability.

    Sanctums AppShield 4.0 Teros Teros-100 APS
    Kavados InterDo is a stateless Web application firewall—a notably different architecture from that of both Teros-100 APS and AppShield. InterDos architecture makes it easier to use in a load-balanced cluster (since load balancing does not have to be "sticky"), and failover is transparent among machines in a cluster. Both Teros-100 APS and AppShield support clustered deployments for fault tolerance and performance, however. InterDo offers less flexibility in its control over arbitrary URLs because it has no ability to define a site entry point. In contrast, Sanctums AppShield and Teros APS-100 let us define just a few entry points and then constructed a dynamically changing list of allowed URLs for each connected user based on that users last-seen page.

    Web services support is an important growth area for Web application firewalls. InterDo has the clear lead in this area because it is able to protect Web services traffic—a capability absent from Teros-100 APS and AppShield.

    In tests, we could load a Web Services Description Language file and have InterDo check only XML request validity or that the method called was one of a list of methods we had approved. We could also set up InterDo to check each parameter submitted in the Web service call against the checks the product already carries out against HTML page parameters.

    InterDo costs $15,000 per server (with as many as two CPUs per server) and runs on Windows, Solaris or Red Hat Inc.s Red Hat Linux.

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