Security, Data Backup Essential for Enterprise Adoption

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-03-08 Print this article Print

5. Developer support

As important as legacy products are to companies, so are their applications. Currently, the vast majority of software packages that companies use are only capable of running on Windows. For many applications, working on a netbook is impossible. But Google needs to ensure that simpler applications will work on Chrome OS. That means it should play nice with developers and give them the latitude they require to get their products working with Chrome OS. Google can't follow Apple's example. It needs to open Chrome OS up to any developer.

6. Security features galore

Security is a major issue for corporate customers. They need to know that if they transmit sensitive data over the Web, information won't be made available to malicious hackers. They should also be sure that the operating system they're using is secure from other threats. That's up to Google. If the Web company wants to be a successful enterprise-OS provider, security needs to be a priority.

7. Backup solutions

Windows 7 currently offers several backup features, making it easy for users to save important data. Chrome OS needs to boast similar offerings. Losing data is a nightmare for corporate customers. If Google can offer software that makes it easier for companies to back up their data, it could mean huge rewards for the search giant. Security is important, but so is keeping data backed up.

8. Offline mode

If corporate employees don't have access to the Web, they need to be able to continue being productive. I understand that Chrome OS is Web-based, which means it's only really useful if there is a live Internet connection pumping through the computer, but companies won't appreciate that. An offline mode will allow employees to keep working, regardless of an Internet connection. When they link back up with the Internet, then they can sync all their progress with Chrome OS online. An offline mode is a must-have.

9. A more powerful Google Docs

Google Docs is great for consumers who want a simple, free productivity suite. But for companies, the software falls flat. Google needs to drastically improve Google Docs and make it a more appealing alternative to Microsoft Office. If it can achieve that goal, it's possible that more companies will try out Google's operating system. If not, few companies will leave Microsoft's side.

10. An eye on Microsoft

The beauty of Chrome OS is that it's open source. That differentiates the product from Windows. But if Google wants its service to steal some market share away from Redmond, it needs to watch what Microsoft is up to. Numerous times before, Microsoft has beaten companies that have challenged Windows. And although Google is powerful and a major contender, Microsoft is huge too. It has the cash and power to take down Google.

If Google wants to be successful in the enterprise, it needs to keep a close eye on Ballmer and Company.

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