Cloud Computing: 10 Web Companies That Microsoft Should Fear Most

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-02-25 Print this article Print
10 Web Companies That Microsoft Should Fear Most

10 Web Companies That Microsoft Should Fear Most

by Don Reisinger
When it comes time to discuss Microsoft's intentions on the Web, that discussion always turns to Google. How will Microsoft compete against the search juggernaut? What can it do to stop Google's rise in Web advertising? They are valid questions that, so far, Microsoft hasn't been able to adequately address. But there is more to fear on the Web than just Google. Microsoft is slowly, but surely, realizing that the Web is the future of its operation. More and more applications are moving to the Internet. Consumers are even going to the Web. At this point, the company has no choice but to compete online in every space it can to ensure that, going forward, it isn't left behind by Web powerhouses. But as it engages the Web, it's also faced with more competition. And the idea that Google is the only online company that Microsoft needs to worry about is quickly forgotten. Here are 10 Web companies that Microsoft needs to fear most as it continues to move its services online.
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