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5. Shop online for Apple products

Apple will be holding a special Black Friday sale. However, for those planning to buy an iPad, Mac or iPod, it might be a better idea to shop online. Prior to Black Friday, Apple said that it was going to offer deals online, seeming to indicate it might not go so far in-store. Keep that in mind before buying a new iPad.

6. It's a great day for Blu-ray buying

For those who want to buy some movies for loved ones, Black Friday is the perfect day to do it. Historically, companies have offered huge discounts on Blu-ray discs on Black Friday, and this year won't be any different. Barnes & Noble, for example, is offering up to 50 percent off on Blu-ray films on Black Friday. Not bad.

7. Compare prices in-store

The best thing about bringing a smartphone or tablet along on Black Friday is consumers can compare prices in the store. Although just about every retailer is offering deals on certain products, not all the discounts are equal. Why not take advantage of the smartphone's browser and find the best deal for a given device?

8. The earlier, the better

Those planning to head out on Black Friday should know that the sooner they get to the store, the better. In many cases, retailers offer better deals earlier in the day than they do at night to coax customers into their stores before they've spent all their cash elsewhere. With that in mind, getting to Best Buy sooner rather than later is a good idea.

9. Don't look for mammoth discounts

In the past, retailers have been known to offer huge discounts on products. But don't expect that this year. With the economy the way is it, retailers are undoubtedly willing to offer some deals, but the discounts won't be massive. For example, Apple is only expected to offer $101 off on its Mac line. Considering many of its devices are available for $1,000 or more, that's not much of a discount.

10. Never wait in line

Remember that tip about getting to the store sooner rather than later? Well, a key component in following that advice is to never wait in line just to get into a store. In most areas, there are a host of places to go to find a product. So, if consumers see a line heading into one shop, it might be best to go elsewhere. Remember: Moving quickly is central to getting great deals on Black Friday.

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