Chrome OS Is Critical to Google's Future Growth: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-12-13 Print this article Print

title=Why Google Needs Chrome OS} 

5. It keeps smaller competitors at bay 

Google might be the top company in the Web market, but that doesn't mean that a smaller firm with a great idea can't come around and steal the company's position in that space. After all, Google did that with its bigger competitors. But unlike those competitors, Google knows that small firms can be a threat. It also realizes that if it breaks into the Web-based OS market now and corners it, the search giant won't need to worry about smaller competitors. 

6. Google likes to cover the bases 

A quick glance at Google's Web efforts reveals that the company has the Internet pretty well covered. But it's missing the Web-based operating system that can combine all of its many products into a single, coordinated platform. With Chrome OS, it can now do that. But there is a lot riding on Chrome OS. If it fails, Google can potentially lose users to all of its other services. The ripple effect could be significant and have a negative impact on its operation. 

7. It helps its image 

Delivering a Web-based operating system does one important thing for Google that can't be underestimated: It helps the company's image. Right now, Google looks like the big, brooding company that reigns supreme over the Internet. With Chrome OS, it can look like the underdog that's trying desperately to take on Microsoft's Windows platform. That has helped Apple and Linux. And it should also help Google. 

8. Investor concern 

Google's stock price continues to be high as the search giant posts strong earnings quarter after quarter. But as with any other company, there is concern among investors about what Google can do going forward to find growth areas and expand its revenue potential. Chrome OS could be one of those areas. Google knows it, investors know it, and the last thing the company wants to do is allow that opportunity to pass. 

9. There is more competition in that space 

The cloud is quickly becoming crowded. It's filled with a slew of competitors, including Microsoft and Amazon, which could in some way cramp Google's future growth. That's precisely why it's so important for the search giant to win control of that space with Chrome OS to keep those other large companies from capitalizing on the growth of the cloud with more products of their own. Whenever there is strong competition, there is greater concern about the success of a product. 

10. Google has put a target on it 

With the announcement of Chrome OS and subsequent updates on what the platform will offer, Google has put a target on its new operating system. It must know now that every other competitor is gunning for Chrome OS and its own operating system won't be alone in that space forever. Now the pressure is on for Google. It has laid down the gauntlet. It needs to prove that it can deliver the best option for the most customers. 


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