Zuckerberg Will Continue to Control Decision Making

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-15 Print this article Print

5. The founders remain in control

One interesting thing about Google is that its co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page stated their intention to retain some control over their company€™s direction. In fact, they both had a controlling stake in decision making at Google even after its IPO. After Facebook€™s IPO, Zuckerberg will have a 57 percent ownership of the company€™s shares, which gives him total control over Facebook€™s decision making. Make no mistake, Zuckerberg, Brin and Page all love control.

6. Regulatory concerns

Despite Google€™s continued success, the company has faced a host of regulatory issues with governing bodies in the U.S. and Europe. Looking ahead, it€™s expected to face even more trouble. Even before its IPO, Facebook has come under regulatory scrutiny over concerns about its users' data privacy. It even acknowledges in its own €œrisk factors€ in its S-1 Registration Statement that it could very well face more scrutiny in the coming years. See the similarities?

7. Facebook is indeed eyeing search

Although Google might not like it, Facebook has been slowly but surely starting to creep its way in the search game. When users type keywords into Facebook€™s search bar, they€™re not only presented with access to pages related to that, but also Web results. With so many users, why shouldn€™t Facebook try its luck at search?

8. The app battle

Whereas Google has its own application stores, including Google Play and the Chrome Web Store, Facebook allows users to access applications from its own service. With help from Facebook Credits, the social network shares revenue with developers who earn cash from the applications they produce. It sounds awfully Google-like, doesn€™t it?

9. Facebook€™s Open Graph tentacles

One of the issues many stakeholders have with Google is that it attempts to bring its innumerable services to as many Websites as possible. Although Facebook started as a walled garden, the company€™s Open Graph initiative has allowed it to extend its tentacles across the Web. Look for that to continue in the coming years.

10. Power and influence

Finally, it€™s difficult to overestimate the sheer power and influence both Google and Facebook have in the online world. With so many users and so many Websites relying on their services for one thing or another, the companies have far more influence in the online world than most others. Chances are that kind of power will only be augmented as both companies pick up would-be competitors in blockbuster acquisitions.

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