Google Chrome Is Better Than Microsoft Internet Explorer: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-03-09 Print this article Print

News Analysis: Google's Chrome platform is coming on strong in the browser market. It's becoming clear that more and more people are realizing it might just be better than Internet Explorer.

The battle for prominence in the browser market is one that has been going one for longer than most people would like to admit. Netscape, Microsoft, Opera, Mozilla, and so many other companies have been vying for dominance in that space. Even now, with Internet Explorer the clear leader, there's no telling how the market will change in the coming years. You never know when any of the browser contenders can make a splash and grab a larger share of the browser market..

In more recent years, the company that has made the biggest splash has been Google. The company's Chrome browser started with little more than a hope at securing some market share around the world. Now, according to Net Applications, the browser owns nearly 11 percent of the market, putting it behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. And its growth has been nothing short of remarkable.

Looking ahead, there's no telling if Chrome can continue its success and supplant Internet Explorer as the top browser in the world. But if the two browsers were to be judged solely on their value to customers, Chrome would already be the dominant force in the browser market.

Chrome is simply a better browser than Internet Explorer, even as Microsoft prepares to launch Internet Explorer 9 to take on Chrome 10.

Read on to find out why:

1. Simplicity

When users first start Chrome, they will find an extremely slimmed down interface. That's on purpose. Google realizes that surfing the Web needs to be about getting to sites as quickly as possible without being held back by all the extra fluff. Chrome accomplishes that by achieving a level of simplicity that Internet Explorer can't muster. For novice Web users especially, that simplified interface is extremely important.

2. Speed is everything

Internet Explorer has been criticized over the years for being slow. Getting to Web pages takes longer than it should. For the most part, other browsers are quicker. But Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the market. In fact, a quick comparison in load times between Chrome 9 and Internet Explorer 8 in my testing reveals that the former consistently opens sophisticated pages more quickly than the latter. Until Microsoft can address that problem, which it says it will in Internet Explorer 9, those seeking fast browsing should opt for Chrome.

3. Security, anyone?

Security continues to be one of the biggest problems Web users face. On just about any platform, issues can arise that, if left unpatched, can wreak havoc on a person's computer. But if one were to compare Chrome's track record in security against Internet Explorer's, it's hard to see how Microsoft can compete. Dating back to the early days of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has faced serious security problems with its browser. And that trouble still erupts today.

4. The apps are quite appealing

Google offers the Chrome Web Store, a marketplace where people can find different applications to expand the usability of their browser. The store is filled with useful applications that make using Chrome a bit more enjoyable. Plus, the marketplace is growing at a relatively rapid rate. All that combines to make Chrome a more appealing browser than Internet Explorer.

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