Facebook Is Apt to Keep Expanding

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5. The mobile play is paramount

For now, Google has a dominant position in the mobile space, thanks to Android, AdMob and its mobile applications. However, Facebook is also starting to make a push for the mobile space, and according to the latest rumors, will be delivering a host of new apps in the coming years. Both Google and Facebook see how important the mobile market is.

6. Facebook will soon have the cash

One of the nice things about Google€™s business is that the search giant has all the cash it needs to acquire companies and expand into new markets. Facebook doesn€™t really have that. But after it completes its $5 billion in its upcoming IPO, it€™ll have all the cash it€™ll need to take the next step and grow up as a Web company.

7. Expansion is Facebook€™s next move

Following that, it€™s important to point out that Facebook has its sights set on expansion. The company knows that simply being a social network isn€™t enough and will need to try something else. Google came to the same realization after its IPO, when it discovered that being a search engine just isn€™t enough. Look for Facebook to aggressively expand in the coming years.

8. Don€™t forget the search opportunity

Facebook has so far dabbled in search by allowing users to input certain terms in the site€™s search box, and showing results from across the Web. Facebook has indicated that it plans to expand on that and its €œactions€ apps are helping bridge the gap between the social network and other Websites. How will Google respond to that?

9. Google+ anyone?

Want to find the most obvious way Google has shown it€™s concerned about Facebook? Look no further than Google Buzz and Google+. The search giant tried to incorporate Google Buzz into Gmail for a social-networking push, but after that failed, it tried again with Google+. That service has caught on with consumers, and now there€™s a good chance Facebook and Google will be fighting tooth and nail in the social space next year.

10. Don€™t Forget Microsoft

Finally, it€™s important not to lose sight of Microsoft as a catalyst for the battle between Facebook and Google. The software company is a Facebook investor, Bing and Facebook are integrated, and Microsoft is also the firm Google hates most. If that€™s not a recipe for war, what is?

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