Google TV Might Do Better in 2011

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-12-27 Print this article Print


5. Content is king 

When it comes to entertainment, content matters more than anything else. Consumers want to know that they are investing in a product that will deliver to them the amount and kind of entertainment that they are really interested in. For now, that's where Google TV is lacking. It features Netflix, but it still doesn't have access to Hulu Plus. Moreover, those who want to access video from network Websites on the Internet can't do so. It's a problem, and it's hurting Google TV's chances for success.

 6. The studios aren't happy 

As mentioned, Google TV users aren't able to access much television content from the Internet. The reason for that is actually quite simple: networks are blocking Google TV's access to their shows. That's a problem. Part of the value of Google TV is surfing the Web and watching content for free on the Internet. If that's not possible, consumers could go elsewhere to find their entertainment. 

7. There might be truth in the rumors 

Until Google confirms that it's asking vendors to halt development on their Google TV products, there's no telling what's really going on. But given the issues Google TV suffers from and the success of other platforms, like the Apple TV and Roku set-top boxes, it just might be true. If it is, it speaks to the issues Google TV will have to solve if it is to have any chance for success later on. 

8. Google hasn't been so quick to gloat 

Like most other companies in the technology industry, Google enjoys having the ability to tell the world that its products are performing better than others at retail. But so far with the Google TV, it hasn't done anything of the sort. In fact, it has been relatively tight-lipped about its performance, preferring instead to hope consumers will opt for the platform over time. Now, it should be noted that Google TV could in fact see stronger sales next year. But at least so far, Google's relative silence on its entertainment platform's performance should indicate trouble. 

9. Progress has been slow 

When Google first announced Google TV, it seemed that the platform would be making serious advances over what was currently offered. But when the device first shipped and consumers had the chance to get their hands on it, they quickly realized that it wasn't as groundbreaking as they thought. Google hasn't done enough to change that perception. Until Google pushes the envelope with Google TV, consumers might just ignore the product. 

10. Are consumers ready? 

Google TV might be the most advanced entertainment option on paper for the vast majority of consumers around the world, but that doesn't mean that it will be a guaranteed success. The content-streaming market, while growing rapidly, is still in its infancy. And the average mainstream consumer doesn't necessarily know if they're ready for that change. Over time, the Google TV platform could be quite worthwhile, but now the question of whether it's ahead of its time must be asked. 

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