Hardware Might Be a Smart Next Step for Google

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5. Apple Remains Google€™s Biggest Mobile Market Threat

Although Google has been able to outpace Apple in the mobile space, thanks to Android, the iPhone maker is a massively successful company that could eventually dwarf every other IT corporation around the world. For Google, that€™s a major threat€”and something Page didn€™t adequately address in the last year.

6. Better China relations are important

Although Google was once a favorite of the Chinese government, it has fallen out of favor. Unfortunately for Google, that could be a major liability. The Chinese market is important for many global companies, and Google is no different. The time has come for Page to start playing nice with China or face serious issues with growth in the coming years.

7. Google can handle itself

One of the most important lessons Page learned last year is that he really isn€™t all that necessary. Eric Schmidt led a company that was practically capable of managing itself and generating serious amounts of cash without too much intervention from the chief executive. As CEO, he should avoid micromanaging the company and avoid keeping a heavy hand on the management controls.

8. Honing PR skills is a big advantage

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin first started Google, they knew nothing about handling media. They didn€™t improve all that much over the years. But in the last year, as chief executive, Page has been forced to learn public relations and how to convey a message to the public. He€™s not a professional at it yet, but he has improved.

9. Hardware might be the next step

Looking back at the past year, Google has slowly but surely inched its way toward hardware. The company€™s pending Motorola Mobility acquisition might be the best proof of that. Yet so far, Page has balked at bringing hardware to his company€™s operation. With Apple making so much money with hardware, though, it might be about time to add hardware to Google€™s product lineup.

10. Acquisitions are important

Finally, it€™s important to point out that acquisitions have proved extremely important to Google€™s business. The pending Motorola Mobility acquisition will help improve the company€™s patents position, while smaller deals have improved the company€™s many other applications and services. Acquisitions will continue to be important for Google€™s future growth.

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