Cloud Computing Is a Game-Changer

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SOASTA CloudTest with BrowserFarm functionality is available now. For the next 90 days SOASTA customers can run a 500 browser user test for $500, the company said.

On Feb 18, SOASTA announced its CloudTest Global Platform, which enables enterprises to simulate Web traffic and conditions by leveraging the elasticity and power of cloud computing. This platform enables cross-cloud testing on today's leading cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, 3Tera AppLogic and Enomaly.

The CloudTest Global Platform leverages SOASTA's CloudTest On-Demand services and enables load generation from virtually thousands of servers from more than 15 locations around the world.

"Because the Web is not a static platform, it's virtually impossible to simulate real Web conditions in an internal test lab or proprietary network," Lounibos said. "By leveraging the cloud, we use the Web as a platform to test Web applications and networks and are uniquely able to provide the most accurate representation of real world Web conditions. Two years from now, we see the cloud as the only viable platform for the load and performance testing of Web systems. Cloud computing has forever changed how we test our Web applications and networks."

Chris Roe, chief technology officer of QTRAX, an online music company, said, "Having the SOASTA CloudTest Global Platform available to us to simulate how the Web really works is amazing. We have done tests in the last several months that I could only have imagined, let alone afford, just six months ago. Cloud computing is definitely changing how we test our Web sites forever."

Patrick Kerpan, CTO at CohesiveFT, which provides a software assembly solution for virtual and cloud computing environments, said, "We like SOASTA - they are one of our partners in the cloud ecosystem. This is just a great example of why I say cloud computing is 'cloud computing gone through the looking glass.' You just couldn't do that kind of thing quickly, well or affordably before clouds like EC2 [Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud] and innovators like SOASTA. The CIO's who make use of these capabilities quickly are going to get a lot of good stuff done for their companies."

Meanwhile, Lounibos said SOASTA competes with commercial products such as Hewlett-Packard's LoadRunner and Borland's Silk. "However, they are not cloud-based as we are," he said. "We are also 80 percent less expensive," he added.

"We partner with cloud platform vendors like Amazon, Rackspace, etc. to generate the load we test against an app," Lounibos said. "We consider ourselves 'cloud agnostic.' With this announcement we enable 'cross cloud' testing....drawing virtual servers multiple cloud platforms at locations around the world to better simulate global traffic and Web conditions against a site. We also partner with Savvis, etc., on the distribution side."

And Lounibos said SOASTA will support the Microsoft Azure cloud offering when it becomes available. 

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