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Doesnt Mean Your Drive Wont Fail"> As a writer, Im paranoid that story text will be lost when writing on planes or trains, so Ill frequently backup to my 2GB PC Card drive when in transit, though I prefer not to keep the drive in the socket all the time, since it consumes power and gets very hot. A USB storage dongle or CD-RW might be a better solution. But when Im attached to a corporate network, Ill use the corporate email system as a temporary backup device to send myself story drafts every half hour or so (of course I delete them when the storys done). While these methods can help protect fresh data, they still dont protect my other data or my ability to continue working if my main drive locks up. Yes, its true that many other notebook computer components can fail, including screens, keyboards, power regulation, fans, and even system board logic. If one of these fail while youre traveling – tough luck, but at least your data sits safe on the hard drive. Nothing is worse than losing important data or an entire disk drive. For many people, the data on their drives is worth far more than the actual notebook computer in terms of real value and replacement cost.
Ive been in the computer business for a long time, but up until a few months back, I only backed-up absolutely critical data. But Im a changed user! Ive discovered a mobile backup solution in the CMS ABS Plus that works with me, not against me, in most cases. Plus its very simple to use, reasonably priced, and it provides true disaster recovery.
As far as I know, only CMS product provides rich features and the ability to directly replace your notebook hard drive with a comparably performing, bootable, mirror-image drive in the event of a major failure. These days, our notebooks are often our primary, and only system – so its more important than ever for you to have a good backup strategy. In the end, any backup is better than no backup at all. So at least do something – the newer USB drives make an ideal choice for key data, for example. But Ive discovered a better way, and I couldnt sleep at night until I shared it with all of you. Its not a brand new solution, but Ive lived with it for a while now, and it works great. Read my review for more details.

Nick Stam Co-Founder, ExtremeTech
Ex-Director, PC Magazine Labs

Nick is a founder of the ExtremeTech website. He worked with co-founder Bill Machrone designing the site, staffing up, and getting initial content developed for ET's formal launch on June 12, 2001. Nick was Senior Technical Director of ET until mid-2003, while concurrently performing duties in PC Magazine Labs.

Nick was a technical director in PC Labs from late 1991 through mid-2002, and was Lab Director from mid-2002 until March 2005. Prior to PC Magazine, Nick was in the computer industry in various development, systems engineering, and management roles since mid-1980, and he received an MS in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton.

In March 2005, Nick decided it was time to leave Ziff Davis Media (parent of PC Magazine and ExtremeTech) to pursue other opportunities, but wishes all the best to the ET and PC Magazine staff and reader communities!

Nick can be contacted at nickstam@comcast.net


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