HPs StorageWorks File System

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Extender"> HP also introduced StorageWorks File System Extender, based on policies in Windows and Linux environments. The product moves files from one storage environment to another while allowing users to follow the trail.
The product can move files to a lower tier of storage or offline altogether, OBrien said. He noted that the product will support HP/UX soon.
Finally, the HP StorageWorks RISS API allows a host of applications to connect to RISS platforms. Click here to read more about enhancements to HPs StorageWorks. Over the next year, the RISS API will expand to include functionality for Web services, common Internet and network file systems, and additional connectors for vertical markets, OBrien said. By making these improvements, HP clearly intends to keep competing directly with EMCs Centera, but more importantly, McAdam said, the combination of greater functionality and lower prices is a clear play for the mid-tier market. To read more about Nexsan Technologies efforts to compete with EMC, click here. "They have started to become aware that this is the kind of product midsize businesses might want," she said. "Its the mid-tier market where were going to see the greatest growth, because they are looking for an effective storage solution that will allow them to archive e-mails and find things quickly, but cost-efficiently." For HP, the next step is to add more intelligence in indexing at both the file and object level while continuing to increase the price and performance value proposition. Eventually, "youll be able to ingest a significant amount of data that may be sitting in a file server that represents itself as 10T, but keep it in your records repository as something as small as 4T," OBrien said. The company also plans to add intelligent data movement capability to its products. "Today we focus on very common metadata attributes like file name and file type, but in the future well be able to look inside those file formats for the presence of unique words and data that may trigger a threshold to have a piece of information move to an archive," OBrien said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on enterprise and small business storage hardware and software.


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