Storage Web Digest: Quantum Shows New Intelligent Tape

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Storage Web Digest: Quantum Shows New Intelligent Tape Company's new DLTSage product performs error analysis and predictive diagnostics on its SDLT drives.
  • Winchester Systems Introduces Scalable SAN System
  • Thales e-Security

    Enterprise Storage

    Quantum Shows New Intelligent Tape

    Quantum Corp. this week introduced the first firmware for monitoring and reporting on midrange tape drives, giving super digital linear tape (SDLT) drives an added edge at a time when sales are still lagging behind those of its closest competitor, linear tape open (LTO) drives. Quantums new DLTSage product performs error analysis and predictive diagnostics on its SDLT drives to ensure that backups are completed successfully and that systems administrators are notified of problems, including when tapes and drives are nearing the ends of their lives. "Its not new in concept; this kind of intelligence in one form or another has been offered from time to time on high-end drives," said Bob Abraham, an analyst at research firm Freeman Reports in Ojai, Calif. "But this is the first time such a large amount of intelligence has been offered in this class of drive."

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    Winchester Systems Introduces Scalable SAN System

    Winchester Systems Inc. this week announced FlashDisk OpenSAN, its new scalable storage area network. The system is available in two models: the FX-400, an 8-port configuration and the FX-600 with 12 ports. FlashDisk OpenSAN typically comes configured from one to ten terabytes, the FX-400 supports up to 112 disk drives providing 16 terabytes of storage, while the FX-600 scales to 32 terabytes with 224 disk drives.

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    Personal Storage

    Thales e-Security Launches Laptop Data Protection System

    Thales e-Security Ltd. this week announced the launch of its Guardisk system for mobile users. Guardisk is a hard disk encryption device that renders the laptop computer completely inoperable if lost or stolen. The system consists of a hard disk and an integral hardware security module that fits inside most standard laptop PCs. All the data stored on the laptop—including all the files, boot sector and the temporary files—are encrypted by Guardisk using the 128-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption algorithm. The system offers security with no loss of hard disk capacity or performance, the company said.

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    Storage Business

    StorServer and Spectra Logic Partner For Midsize Customers

    Two storage vendors next week will reveal a partnership to help businesses move data from storage appliances to tape libraries. StorServer Inc., which makes a storage appliance for backup and recovery, will team with Spectra Logic Corp. to make it easier to move data to long-term storage and still make it available if its needed for regulatory, legal, or other reasons. The combination of the StorServer S series backup appliance and the Spectra Logic tape library is designed to make it simple to design a protected, high-performing system. Both systems will sit on the IP network.

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