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on Oracles bungled takeover">

Meanwhile, as Oracle suits disparage a program set up to shield them, PeopleSoft customers dont seem very concerned about Craig Conways supposed struggle with financial honesty. Bobby Ho, an HR systems manager at Ricoh Electronics, in Tustin, Calif., said that PeopleSofts CAP&#151which the company recently strengthened&#151was a smart tactical perspective to fend off Oracle. "It gives the impression that PeopleSoft believes in its products and this deals not going to happen," Ho said.

Like Ho, many PeopleSoft customers are discounting the idea that the deal will go through. "Theyre moving on with potential purchases and implementations," Ho said. "Thats the feedback Im getting."

Ho agrees that Oracles takeover attempt has united PeopleSoft and its customers. Hes also impressed with PeopleSofts product integration of J.D. Edwards. "I think from a product perspective, PeopleSoft has really tried to come up with a solid plan to integrated J.D. Edwards," he said. "Now that they wouldnt have without Oracle, but its really tightened [the timeframe] now to get the products integrated and to integrate them into one software suite. Theyve made tremendous strides considering the complexity and timeframe."

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Other PeopleSoft customers dont even bother to follow the news, fully assured that the merger wont happen. George Muller, vice president and chief information officer at Imperial Sugar Co., in Sugar Land, Texas, said that his opinion hasnt changed since this whole thing started. "I think that at some point in time, this is all going to blow over," he said. "This will be a distant memory. Were not letting this deter us from our projects."

As a matter of fact, just last Tuesday, Nov. 18, Imperial Sugar went live on PeopleSoft Financials 8.4. The project was implemented on time, on budget, and painlessly. "In my 25 years in the IT world, that upgrade had to be one of the smoothest, most error-free upgrades that Ive ever experienced or been associated with," Muller said. "We upgraded HR last year, to Version 8.3. That project was also on time and on budget, with a minimal amount of issues. And so my mantra is, Last year it was HR payroll, this year it was Financials, next year its Supply Chain. Well continue marching down that path and reaping the benefits of the investments weve made in that technology and in particular in PeopleSoft."

And when Oracle finally cries Uncle, and they finally give up the pursuit of PeopleSoft, Muller wants me to call him back. He wants to say, "I told you so."

So Craig, before you bite into the mashed potatoes, before your knife hits the bird, bow your head and say these words: "For all these blessings, we are forever grateful to you, Larry."

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