EnterpriseDB Upgrades Open-Source Database

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Updated: The new version includes the open-source JasperReports tool and improves compatibility with Oracle applications.

Open-source relational database maker EnterpriseDB Tuesday released an upgrade to its front-line product of the same name that includes a new, expanded code base and the addition of JasperReports, a widely used open-source reporting tool. The company made the announcement at the Open Source Business Conference in Newton, Mass. EnterpriseDB 2005 Release 2 is a proprietary, enterprise-class database, built on open-source PostgreSQL, which can run many Oracle applications unmodified while providing performance enhancements over regular PostgreSQL, the company said.
EnterpriseDB, similar to its open-source rival MySQL, is patterned closely on the Oracle DB look and feel.
Release 2 is an update to EnterpriseDB 2005 that incorporates the most recent version of PostgreSQL (v8.0.4), improved Oracle-style cursors and faster performance, the company added. The new release also offers a tool kit to facilitate faster integration by ISVs. Click here to read more about what IT execs are saying at the Open Source Business Conference. JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting technology that is available for free download on its own via SourceForge, is included within EnterpriseDB Release 2, which can be downloaded here. EnterpriseDB co-founder and CEO Andy Astor said the new ISV tool kit will make it much easier to integrate the database into products. "In addition to end users, ISVs have a great opportunity," he said. "Most work with Oracle. Working with EnterpriseDB, you just drop it in and it works. Weve made it even easier for ISVs" to immediately get EnterpriseDB into their products and working alongside Oracle databases, he said. Read more here about EnterpriseDBs PostgreSQL-based database. Astor said the upgrades performance boost—the upgrade runs 30 percent faster for bulk loading of data for native PostgreSQL—will make migration all the more painless. "Thats important if youre taking an existing application and migrating to EnterpriseDB," he said. Denis Lussier, chief technology officer of EnterpriseDB, based in Edison, N.J., said, "We have also improved our Oracle compatibility, further improved the products performance over native PostgreSQL and added significant enhancements of particular interest to ISVs integrating EnterpriseDB 2005 into their products." Other changes include faster bulk data-loading capabilities and several bug fixes and performance tweaks, the company added. EnterpriseDBs pricing model is as follows:
  • Free for development and low-level production;
  • $1,000 per CPU per year for silver subscription (limited support);
  • $3,000 per CPU per year for gold subscription (augmented support);
  • $5,000 per CPU per year for commercial installation, moving to $12,000 per year for 4 CPUs and $192,000 per year for 64 CPUs. Editors Note: This story was updated to correct pricing information. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest database news, reviews and analysis.
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