White iPad, Perfect Timing

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5. The white iPad

When Apple announced the iPhone 4, the company promised a white version of the device. The only issue is, that model has yet to hit store shelves. The white iPad 2, on the other hand, was available on launch day. Chances are, the white version appealed to a large group of customers who were tired of the same old black finish, and it's likely that it only helped Apple sell more tablet units.

6. They don't know about the Motorola Xoom

Over the past several weeks, Motorola has done a fine job of advertising the Xoom, its 10.1-inch tablet that runs Android 3.0 "Honeycomb." The only issue is, advertising wasn't as successful as it could have been and not enough people know about the features the device offers. That opening was enough for Apple to capitalize on, and going forward, it seems that the chances of the Xoom coming close to matching iPad 2 sales figures are slim, to say the least.

7. The original iPad looked obsolete

Those who owned the original iPad were forced to look at all the updates Apple made to the tablet-including adding dual cameras and a slimmer, lighter body-and question whether the device they owned was enough for them any longer. Based on the reported sales figures, quite a few people seemingly believed it wasn't.

Apple's strategy of updating devices each year has proved extremely successful. It knows how to deliver what people really want without giving customers everything. By doing so, it attracts both new and old customers that push its sales figures higher each year.

8. New buyers are ready to join the market

According to one report, a whopping 70 percent of all iPad 2 buyers were new to the tablet market. That's an extremely important figure. It means that a growing number of people are seeing value in Apple's tablet. Plus, it means that going forward, Apple will enjoy even more success as all those newcomers who couldn't get the iPad 2 on launch day pick up a unit in the coming weeks and months.

9. Allow history to be the guide

Apple's unit sales of mobile devices have been growing since the company first launched the iPhone. In 2008 alone, research firm Gartner found that iPhone sales were up 245 percent, compared with the prior year. Moreover, at the end of Apple's 2010 fiscal year in September, the company reported that it sold nearly 74 million iPhones since its launch in 2007. Earlier this month, it revealed that it has now sold more than 100 million units. Considering Apple sold 15 million iPad units last year and could have sold up to 1 million iPad 2 units in a single weekend, it seems history is repeating itself.

10. The timing was perfect

Once again, Apple timed the launch of its tablet perfectly. Rather than wait until the summer when several tablets would be on store shelves competing against the original iPad for months, Apple offered up its iPad 2 before many of its rivals had a chance to release their devices. That move effectively cut off any advantage the competition might have thought it had. Even worse for those vendors, it probably cut off their ability to sell as many devices as they had hoped.

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