Desktops and Notebooks: Apple iPad Could Add Video Chat, Smaller Sizes, Retina Display

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Apple iPad Could Add Video Chat, Smaller Sizes, Retina Display

Apple iPad Could Add Video Chat, Smaller Sizes, Retina Display

by Nicholas Kolakowski
Apple's iPad has proven a massive success, selling about 1 million units per month and reinvigorating the consumer-tablets category. But now that competing manufacturers have seen how well a tablet can perform in the marketplace, they're rushing to introduce their own devices: the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak and Research In Motion's PlayBook are just a few of the tablets either al-ready available for sale or slated to hit store shelves within the next couple months.With that competitive pressure building, it's inevitable that Apple will include a bevy of new features in the next version of the iPad. Front- and rear-facing cam-eras for video conferencing is as good a speculation as any, given how FaceTime video-calling is already a big feature in Apple's iPhone 4 and newest iPod Touch. Beyond that, Apple may choose to give the device a different look-or even intro-duce multiple sizes. But when will Apple debut iPad 2.0? The company whipped the curtain from the original iPad in January of this year, making that same timeframe a viable guess for 2011. Given the new tablets flooding the market-place, and the need for Apple to check their competitive momentum, the company may be interested in announcing a new iPad sooner rather than later.
Nicholas Kolakowski is a staff editor at eWEEK, covering Microsoft and other companies in the enterprise space, as well as evolving technology such as tablet PCs. His work has appeared in The Washington Post, Playboy, WebMD, AARP the Magazine, AutoWeek, Washington City Paper, Trader Monthly, and Private Air. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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