Good Concept—But Needs More Planning

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Last week, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano laid down a $10 billion bet that the company will be the winner in the next round of enterprise computing.

Last week, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano laid down a $10 billion bet that the company will be the winner in the next round of enterprise computing. IBM is betting that it can drive its "On Demand" concept of computing to become the de facto standard when IT architects start noodling around with ideas of how to make their companys infrastructure fast, flexible and a leading player in the business world.

Of course, IBM is only the latest company to champion standards-based, integrated systems that, once completed, will have a big benefit for the bottom line. The bigger question is, while everyone agrees open integrated systems make sense, how do you construct these systems without spending a pile of cash and precious time? And how do you ensure that the good guys can get the information they need and the bad guys get shut out? In this issues eWeek Labs section, we examine directory selection and development, which are key priorities if projects such as IBMs On Demand plans are to become more than clever marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves on always asking how a vendor is going to accomplish what it promises, and then taking the answer to the Labs for a run-through. The directory report is a good example of our commitment to distinguish hype from reality.

Security remains a top priority for IT executives, especially at financial services companies, which in the past year faced declining revenues along with the realization that they are prime targets for cyber-terrorism. In "Protecting the Premises," Renee Boucher Ferguson profiles MasterCard and Nasdaq, which are not only locking down data but also the buildings where the data is kept.

And what does the eWeek staff do when they are not reporting or testing the latest from the technology world? Five of the staffers (and you can bet Im not one of them) stay ahead of the running pack as a break from staying ahead of the technology media pack. Congrats to all for winning our division in the Cape Cod Marathon Relay.

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