Whats missing from Longhorn

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What technology pieces are missing?

A lot of what were doing in the enterprise is taking things that are already done in more robust traditional systems and scaling them down into smaller systems—taking advantage of the enormous explosion in power and cost-effectiveness of industry-standard platforms. What youll see is that more and more of what was traditionally the minicomputer market will get taken into this scalable-enterprise architecture.

Theres so much going on in the hardware in terms of additional power, not just raw semiconductor power but multiple cores on the same piece of silicon, improving semiconductor geometries; much larger caches, which improve performance.

Again, a lot of that is taking what used to be the system architecture and scaling it down, improving I/O bandwidth and moving applications down to those platforms so they can take advantage of it.

Intel is coming out with the Nocona, the Xeon processor with 64-bit extensions. That would seem to be an area where you would have talked to Intel a lot.


Were you the spur that drove them to do that?

Thats kind of inside baseball [laughter]. The company that announced and delivered products that take that approach [Advanced Micro Devices Inc.] is not necessarily the first one that created it.

So Intel may have had the technology and sat on it, and then dusted it off?

Theres not really a whole lot to add there. Ill leave it at that [laughter].

Were customers telling you they wanted a transitional chip?

The largest single Itanium server customer in the world is a Dell customer. Were seeing some [Itanium] demand there for the upper end of the mainframe replacement spectrum. In the high-volume server market, its really about software. Ive got a Nocona box under my desk, but I dont have any software. Were going to be delivering a machine with 64-bit extensions way before theres a lot of software.

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