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By Rob Enderle  |  Posted 2004-03-26 Print this article Print

boob tube"> JetBlue addressed this very well by observing small children. They discovered that children zone out in front of a TV set and figured adults likely would do the same. JetBlues TV service has been very popular, particularly now that it delivers more than just Teletubbies. I tried it the other day. The only problem is, I still dont know how the darned 2-hour "Columbo" episode I was watching—which started 1 hour before we landed—ended. There should be a warning that says something like, "This is a 2-hour episode. If you are on JetBlue and have an hour before landing, please watch two 30-minute Lucy episodes instead.") But I did zone out in front of the set, and the trip went by very quickly. Though I do seem to be saying, "Lucy, you got some explaining to do" rather often now. I also didnt get any work done, but given the cramped quarters and my own fatigue, that probably wasnt going to happen anyway. What is interesting is that JetBlues TV solution may be taking the opportunity from Wi-Fi in the air. While it clearly isnt as productive, it does keep you entertained and helps make the flight go by. It is relatively easy to support (asking the flight crew for help getting online is, Im sure, something they are all looking forward to), and it doesnt make you feel more cramped. Ive convinced this is part of the presidents fitness plan. There is nothing like getting into a coach seat and trying to work on a laptop to make you feel overweight, with the possible exception of having someone touch your stomach and ask when the baby is due before realizing you are a guy.
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