Linux, Java plans

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Linux, Java plans eWEEK: How does Lotus fit into IBMs open source, Linux and Java strategies?
Zollar: Were very much a part of it. In fact we ported Domino to Linux in 1999. We didnt see an immediate uptick, because the Linux kernel lacked threading. So we created some threading technology that we gave back to the open source community. We improved the number of concurrent users by an order of magnitude.
Now were seeing a lot of interest in Domino on Linux. I probably get more customer e-mails on that subject than any other right now. Theres a lot of interest in the z-Series mainframe implementation of Linux. Its a cost of ownership, server consolidation play. eWEEK: IBM Global Services is a strong spot for IBM, but IGS is supposedly vendor-agnostic. How does that work as far as Lotus is concerned? Zollar: Theyre customer-focused. They focus on what customers have. We work closely with Global Services to make sure they can be successful in moving Lotus technologies ahead with customers. Their e-business-on-demand direction has a lot of synergies with Lotus collaborative technologies. We have worked very closely with IBM learning services on our e-learning initiative. The "mind-expand" solution brings their consulting and content creation and Lotus learning technology together. These are opportunities to leverage the worlds largest services company, and wed be foolish not to do that. eWEEK: You talked about IBMs intranet in your speech. Is there anything you would add to the intranet? Zollar: Oh yeah, theres always stuff to add. Automated expertise profiling and expertise location is one of the next big things were working on with the IBM internal team. If we can crack that nut then all IBMers will be Sametime-enabled. If you conduct an expertise search, you can see if they are connected at that instant. Last week I was in a Sametime session with colleagues in France, New York and Boston. We were on a Sametime e-meeting dealing with a customer problem. Combining those capabilities with assisted expertise location is a huge deal in terms of improving the speed and responsiveness of a company. eWEEK: How can it automatically know about you and your expertise? Zollar: Today, an individual has to fill out a manual expertise profile. Thats where our discovery server comes into play. Our Lotus discovery server can look at things you author, mine that information for expertise and deliver to you a suggested expertise category. Then, if you want, you can veto that expertise category. Were working to deliver it to the IBM intranet. eWEEK: Is knowledge management still hot? Zollar: The term "knowledge management" has faded, but the technologies are still hot. Expertise location is a knowledge management technology, and its being deployed by a lot of our customers. But the term has become a little too academic.


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