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By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2009-08-11 Print this article Print

3. Expect Caffeine to become Google Search
This is not an academic exercise. Google is facing a lot of competition these days and it wants its search technology to stay on top of the heap. Right now, it's called Caffeine. But after some tweaking by Google, Caffeine could soon become Google's standard search engine. That means billions of queries will be run off Caffeine. In turn, we could see a serious swing in traffic figures for many Websites.

4. Caffeine will require SEO tweaks
Since Caffeine does change the page rankings, it might be time for companies to consider some search engine optimization tweaks. Google says it plans to bring Caffeine to the mainstream after it gets it right.

5. Complacency won't work
Although some companies are content to have their Websites operate without much guidance, Google's Caffeine has spawned a renewed sense that maintaining status quo might cause some companies to lose ground. Organizations will need to keep improving and updating their sites to stay close to the top of Google search.

6. Google is on the run
Google might enjoy a dominating position in the search engine market, but with Microsoft announcing a partnership with Yahoo and Facebook updating its search, more companies are trying to find ways to pull searchers away from Google. That can only mean that the search giant will be forced to keep innovating. It will need to keep changing things up. And companies will need to pay attention.

7. Read the news
Companies will need to be more proactive in learning about the changes made to Google search over the next few months. If they don't, Google might leave them behind, pushing their Websites lower in its rankings.

8. Google is willing to level the playing field
Google has proven with Caffeine that it just doesn't care if its results change. To Google, an improvement to its algorithm is all that matters. But by doing that, the company has evened the playing field. Companies that have low rankings can catch up now. It won't be easy, but Google has opened that door.

9. No one can ignore PageRank
Although it's easy for many small companies to ignore SEO, Google has made it clear through Caffeine that they should care. It could make a difference. With Caffeine, companies that want to be ranked higher will pay attention. Those that don't care will suffer.

10. Google is always innovating
Google is always trying to find ways to innovate. Because of that, companies need to be prepared and, preferably, ahead of the curve. They need to learn to anticipate Google's next move. They need to constantly be following best practices. 

If they don't, Google won't wait for them to catch up.

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