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11. iPhone/iPod

It was called the Jesus Phone. And while that moniker was definitely hyperbolic, it's not hype to say that Apple's iPhone completely changed the smartphone market. And many of these changes probably wouldn't have come about if the iPod hadn't set the stage for the iPhone's usability and design.

12. Mac OS X

While the first iMac got lots of attention, it wasn't until Apple totally revamped its core operating system that the Mac revolution really took off. Mac OS X was a full rewrite built on a Unix core, and since its release has pretty much set the bar for operating system usability and innovation.

13. Multicore processors

People who have moved from a PC based on a single-core processor to one based on a multicore processor are typically blown away. There in your system-which most likely cost less than $1,000-is a processor that would smoke the most powerful servers and workstations of the 1990s.

14. Netbooks

Vendors have pushed microlaptops on us before, but these systems have all failed due to being underpowered and overpriced. The current wave of netbooks fixes those problems, achieving small size along with decent capabilities and low prices. While hardware vendors may hate them, netbooks continue to be popular with consumers.


Sure, if the bar for success is supplanting Microsoft Office, then has been a failure. But if overall impact is considered, has definitely been influential, especially when it comes to opening up document formats.


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