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By David Coursey  |  Posted 2004-12-23 Print this article Print

Further, the media creates an environment in which we all reside. It tells us what is "OK" and what isnt. TV shows us how to treat one another. This may sound strange coming from a writer and broadcaster, but I am not proud of the environment that TV and video games have created. I am very concerned about reports that video games have helped create a new breed of hyper-lethal criminal. Read the news and youll see reports of young people, especially, managing to kill someone with a single bullet to the head. The reason they do this, according to critics of media violence and my friends in law enforcement, is because thats how video games teach them to kill. Its the "professional" way. Experts say the natural human inclination is not to shoot someone in the head, the part of our bodies that makes us most recognizable as humans. There is also a natural tendency to continue firing until the victim goes down.
Shooters who kill with single shots to the head are going against basic instinct and doing so because theyve been taught how. Is this really the sort of thing we want anyone—beside soldiers and law enforcement—to learn? Then why do we allow video games to teach this to our children? Including some games that I understand are outgrowths of military training software and funded, in part, by tax dollars.
No, I am not saying that everyone who gets a copy of Grand Theft Auto is going on to a life of crime, but a few will, and simply being exposed to such violence numbs us to what happens to real people in the real world. We have an epidemic of violence in this county. Video games and television help desensitize us to human tragedy. This needs to stop. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, views and analysis on technologys impact on retail.

One of technology's most recognized bylines, David Coursey is Special Correspondent for eWeek.com, where he writes a daily Blog (blog.ziffdavis.com/coursey) and twice-weekly column. He is also Editor/Publisher of the Technology Insights newsletter and President of DCC, Inc., a professional services and consulting firm.

Former Executive Editor of ZDNet AnchorDesk, Coursey has also been Executive Producer of a number of industry conferences, including DEMO, Showcase, and Digital Living Room. Coursey's columns have been quoted by both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and he has appeared on ABC News Nightline, CNN, CBS News, and other broadcasts as an expert on computing and the Internet. He has also written for InfoWorld, USA Today, PC World, Computerworld, and a number of other publications. His Web site is www.coursey.com.

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