Enterprise Applications: AutoCAD 2012 Makes Collaboration Even Easier

By P. J. Connolly  |  Posted 2011-06-15 Print this article Print
Billions of Points

Billions of Points

AutoCAD 2012 allows users to more easily create 3D models of existing buildings and objects with laser scanners, by supporting up to 2 billion scan points in a drawing.
Simplifying software often means "dumbing it down, but Autodesk has chosen another approach to simplification in AutoCAD 2012, one that leaves all of the software's power and flexibility intact while making it more approachable than previous versions. Instead of patronizing users (??í la Clippy), AutoCAD 2012 empowers them, providing top-shelf functions and capabilities in a well-organized package. This release adds the option to install Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2012, which combines direct modeling and parametric design approaches in a single tool. Inventor Fusion can be invoked from within AutoCAD 2012 as a plug-in, allowing users to edit 3D solids; extruded, lofted, planar, revolved and swept surfaces; and, perhaps most dramatically, NURBS (non-uniform rational basis spline) surfaces. One might be forgiven for thinking that after 25 releases, Autodesk had run out of things to put into its flagship product, AutoCAD. As with many simple assumptions, that simply isn't the case.
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