Enterprise Applications: AutoCAD for Mac 2011 Brings Powerful Tools to Mac

By P. J. Connolly  |  Posted 2011-01-27 Print this article Print
Although it's taken Autodesk more than 18 years to bring its CAD software back to Apple's Macintosh platform, there's something to be said for waiting until it can be done properly. AutoCAD 2011 for Mac takes the market-leading tool for which Autodesk is famous and couples it with an interface that remains true to the Mac environment. The software recognizes multitouch gestures on supported input hardware, and it's possible to browse AutoCAD files in the Mac OS X Finder with the Cover Flow option. It includes support for the company's AutoLISP programming language and ObjectARX extension applications, as well as the command line interface that allows users to bypass the software's menus and palettes and enter commands directly for ultimate efficiency. This is a complete rewrite of the application for the Mac, and many potential customers will focus on what's missing, especially in the areas of layering and workflow. But as a first pass—or, at least, the first one in almost 20 years