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By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2008-08-06 Print this article Print

"In a nutshell, we've taken everything we've learned on the consumer side in terms of running really large-scale search systems and packaged them in our enterprise search product," Glotzbach said.

Unlike the consumer search however, GSA also sifts through the major content repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, IBM's Filenet and LiveLink.

The new GSA boasts a number of other new features, not all of which will be useful for every business using it.

For example, a new advanced biasing feature will let administrators favor results based on metadata in addition to biasing based on source, URL or date. For example, this would allow admins to promote log files over human resource papers.

Not every business craves this kind of granularity, but like the 353 features on that new digital camera, they're there if you need them.

The software also has new departmental customization features that allow administrators to tailor search results for, say, marketing departments, or human resources teams. This would be particularly useful in the company I work for, which is split into editorial, sales and human resources groups, to name a few.

Just as with the consumer search, employees can now receive alerts from Google for topics and documents of interest based on keywords and frequency.

Some business managers may want to see what files are receiving the most or least attention during searches. GSA now renders advanced search analytics for every query, which will reveal whether users are clicking on sponsored links, making their own search queries or using OneBox modules.

This feature just graduated from Google's Enterprise Labs.

Finally, GSA also now natively supports Kerberos to provide single authentication for Microsoft Windows systems, SharePoint, and non Windows-based content systems.

The new GSA is available now starting at $30,000 per server with capacities that serve from 500,000 to 30 million documents. Existing customers get the new software features free.

Existing customers who want to upgrade to the new GSA box will have to either do an early renewal with Google and purchase a new two-year service plan, or pay a small upgrade fee for the new appliance. Google isn't saying what that fee is.  


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