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A remote mobile work force; network boundaries punctuated for access by contractors and partners; and CPM initiatives that distribute more valuable corporate information to more employees at more locations-it sounds like a disaster in the making. How can an enterprise balance accessibility of critical corporate performance information with their business requirement-and legal obligation-to keep those assets secure?

There is no single answer. Network security requires protection at multiple locations and levels, by technologies such as stateful firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus capabilities, anti-spam and Web filtering, virtual security zones, access controls, and more. Integrated security-built in, not added on-helps avoid both risky gaps and performance-sapping overlaps.

For organizations deploying or considering CPM initiatives, two technologies are particularly important:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN-these secure gateways offer deeply-encrypted access to corporate networks from remote locations, even over public broadband and dial-in connections. This approach does not require installation and management of security software on connecting clients, making it not only easier to implement, but more acceptable to partners, contractors and other third parties.

Network Access Control with Endpoint Protection-identity-based access controls are fundamental to IT security. Intelligent endpoint management allows enterprises to monitor and control access according to pre-defined policies, for example, by screening a contractor's laptop for viruses and spyware before granting access to internal networks.

To get the most out of a CPM solution, what's essential is a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive, trusted environment for accelerating the secure deployment of services, applications and information. High-performance networks help protect and recover services and applications, and support operational improvements that reduce administrative, training, customer care and labor costs.

And don't forget… high-performance networks designed to meet the stringent requirements of CPM can provide a single view of status and direction across an enterprise to every location and stakeholder. That builds a solid foundation for IT and sets everyone up for business excellence.

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