Consistent Multichannel Marketing

By David Schrader and Dan Graham  |  Posted 2009-11-19 Print this article Print

3. Consistent multichannel marketing

Banks have dreamed for years of having "one voice to the customer" though the branch, Website, call center, ATM, etc. But stovepiped databases and applications make this nearly impossible. With pervasive BI, the bank Website could offer a "Wealth Management Planning Checkup" for customers, with recent major decreases shown in their portfolios.

Even the ATM can be customized to support this campaign. This can be done using a special screen on the ATM targeting any customers who did not already react to the Web offer (that is, the offer that had asked them to come into the bank for an appointment with an available wealth management specialist).

4. Optimizing customer service under intense pressure

In many cases, it is not sufficient to only optimize assets. Since not all passengers or freight are equal, factoring in customer satisfaction, past experiences and possibly other aspects of the current experience (for example, "You will make it home on the flight but your luggage may not.") again uses up-to-date information to provide optimized passenger handling lists that can be used by gate agents and call centers.

Or, instead of the nonsensical question, "Would you like to stay home from one to five in the afternoon to wait for your appliance delivery?," more precise delivery estimates can be provided in real time. Putting these together provides optimal asset allocation along with preferred customer analytics and actions in real time. With active warehousing, you don't lose valuable customers or money either. You can also build in complex conditional triggers and algorithms so that customer lifetime value is a critical factor.

David Schrader is a Director of Strategy and Marketing at Teradata Corporation. He joined Teradata (formerly a division of NCR Corporation) in 1991. David held various positions in Engineering - Advanced Development until 1998 when he moved into Marketing. David has published widely in the areas of customer management, and presents talks worldwide on how companies can get a competitive edge from using technology. David holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Purdue University. He can be reached at Graham is a Senior Marketing Director at Teradata Corporation. He began his computing career as a field engineer and systems programmer with UNIVAC. In the 1980s, Dan was assistant vice president of database administration at California Federal Savings and Loan. Dan joined Teradata as its senior marketing product manager of the DBC/1012 parallel database computer. Dan speaks frequently at international conferences on the topics of data warehousing, parallel processing and real-time business intelligence. He can be reached at

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