Right Place, Right Time

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2006-02-21 Print this article Print

Were you at the right place at the right time in terms of the whole SOA explosion? Kirchmer: If I look here in the U.S., we were exactly at the right place at the right time. The first four or five years when we were here in the U.S., market it was very difficult for us because that process idea was not as widely accepted.
We had to do a lot of education—the clients, the press, the universities. It was very, very hard. Then suddenly when this process idea started really gaining momentum here people saw, Oh, if I want to do a SOA, I have to have the structure definition of my process, otherwise it doesnt work.
That was the point in time where we could really benefit from the groundwork we had laid. We have in the last year doubled our revenues in the U.S. And we are targeted again to do that this year. Because we move away from a situation where it is nice to have the ARIS platform, to really a must have. And companies recognize it. Weve talked about SAP having ARIS as part of its NetWeaver platform, and then Microsoft having ARIS as part of BizTalk. This seemed to me a game-changing event for developers in that they would have the same modeling environment across platforms. Do these separate relationships enable cross platform sharing of services? Scheer: You mentioned that already we have this close relationship with SAP, but outside this we are also working with the other software vendors which are in this SOA business. And we are developing interfaces between ARIS and their platforms. We have already developed this interface for BizTalk Server, and also for WebSphere, and were in discussions with Oracle. So at the end of the day, the user can define his process [in ARIS], then he can split various directions that he can take some processes from SAP, others from Microsoft. So there is a possibility also for use in several platforms and I think this will be the case. By the way, let me comment on your previous question. To be a company, you have to be ahead of the market. If you just pick up these things that are already around, then there is not reason for a new company. You have to be ahead of the market. When we came to the U.S. 10 years ago, it was a struggle, but we found partners who had already the same ideas, especially engineering-oriented companies with the same ideas: to design first. We do not design products, we design processes. And from this design phase, you want to support implementation. Later on, there is a direct link to the execution layer, and the services are established according to the design blueprint. Next Page: Changes, plans for the future.


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