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Do you think what youre doing is similar to what Microsoft is doing with "Project Green"?

I wouldnt want to comment on that; I dont know enough about it. The only thing I can say about Microsoft is that they are very much a key partner of ours in terms of the infrastructure that we are building our services-oriented architecture on top of.

Now that Oracle Corp. has succeeded in buying PeopleSoft, will that merged company be more of a threat to Siebel, or do you think it will actually be less of a threat since it is preoccupied with the post-merger process?

I dont know. Oracles a very formidable company for sure. Historically, their strength has not been applications. But, yes, I would consider them to be a powerful player in the industry. Just as I view SAP as a very powerful member of the industry. I consider Microsoft also, even though we dont run into them too much in the enterprise space, obviously. So, yeah, I think all of those guys are formidable competitors and, in some cases, partners of ours going forward.

Do any of those companies stand out above the others as competitors? I know SAP claims to be No. 1 in CRM [customer relationship management] revenues.

When I look at it, I just look at the number of active seats. By any measure, Siebel has got a very substantial position. What have we got, like 3 million active users now? SAPs got like 150,000 or something like that? So I dont get too excited about claims. I get more focused on whats the reality. And the reality is, What are people using to run their business? But having said that, SAP is certainly a big competitor of ours. They have a very strong position, particularly in manufacturing, distribution and high-tech industries, anyplace where you have a very strong supply chain and manufacturing orientation.

As they try to extend that predominant market position, they try to extend that to where we see the growth area, which is in these customer-facing systems. So, certainly, I view them as a competitor. The difference is I dont subscribe to this end-to-end suite. ... There will always be some customers that want to do that. But the majority of the industry is not going to want to tie up all their application architecture with one company. And companies are good at things. … My personal belief is the way to think about competing is you have to stick in those areas that youre really good at it, where you have the expertise, you have the knowledge, you have the intellectual capital, you have the products, you have the organizational capabilities, and not get too far afield from what you are good at. And as long as youre in a market that is continuing to expand and grow, then you can carve out a very reasonable leadership position for yourself.

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