Reasons Windows 8 Will Best Windows 7

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-04-04 Print this article Print


5. Instant-on is what's needed.

One of the biggest issues some users have with Windows is that it can take a long time to boot up the operating system. According to recent rumors, the software giant is working on a solution for that that could deliver near-instant-on functionality. It might not seem major, but considering how annoying it can be to wait for Windows to boot up, having much faster startup times sounds awfully nice.

6. It might be more suitable for tablets.

Microsoft has been saying for years now that its operating system is ready for tablets. But as vendors have shown, they're more likely to invest in an Android-based tablet than try their luck with Windows 7. Thanks to support for ARM-based devices, and the likelihood that Microsoft is working hard on making Windows 8 more tablet-friendly, consumers should expect many more mobile devices running the software giant's next OS.

7. Better power consumption

One of the issues with Windows 7 is that it doesn't deliver the kind of efficient functionality that consumers and especially enterprise customers are after. However, leaks surrounding Windows 8 development suggest that Microsoft is working on a vastly improved power-saving feature in its operating system that should drastically improve battery life on mobile devices running the software. If that's true, there will be many happy customers out there.

8. What's with History Vault?

Windows 8 might have a new feature, called "History Vault." According to Winrumors, the feature is similar to Apple's Time Machine, which provides a simple backup interface to users of Mac OS X. Microsoft's option will let users restore individual file, edit old documents and much more. Microsoft hasn't confirmed the feature, but if a robust backup utility like that comes to Windows, it would be quite nice.

9. A better interface

Windows 7 comes with a solid user interface that doesn't take much time to get used to after coming off Windows XP. And although Microsoft hasn't said much about its upcoming operating system, it's becoming clearer that Windows 8 will feature a similar interface. However, this time around, those who follow Microsoft believe the interface will be a bit more streamlined and slightly easier to use. If Microsoft can follow through on that, it might just have a winner on its hands.

10. Microsoft's lesson learned

Aside from the operating system itself, Windows 8 will likely be better than Windows 7 for one main reason: Microsoft doesn't want to repeat the embarrassment of Windows Vista. Microsoft's last operating system before Windows 7 was a nightmare for the company. The software giant became complacent and thought it could coast, but instead failed miserably. The result was a loss of trust from vendors, customers, and investors. It was a bad time for Microsoft, and the company doesn't want to relive it. So expect the company to do something special with Windows 8. At this point, it has no other choice but to deliver an even better operating system.


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