Windows XP Is Still Solid, More Secure Than Ever

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5. Blame it on Vista

Windows Vista is probably the biggest reason Windows XP is still so popular. Windows Vista was supposed to be the operating system that would make XP look obsolete. Instead, it was the operating system that made customers wonder if Microsoft could address corporate concerns into the future. Those who were concerned stuck with XP.

6. Vendors kept it going

At the same time Windows Vista was losing ground, PC vendors allowed customers to use their €œdowngrade rights€ and get a PC running XP. That was immensely harmful to Vista and helped improve XP adoption. Although getting XP-based machines is much harder now, it€™s not impossible. And that€™s something to keep in mind as we consider why XP is so popular.

7. Microsoft was loath to say good-bye

Microsoft tried several times to move XP aside, but after accepting Vista€™s fate, the company started to embrace the fact that it had delivered an operating system in XP that people really wanted. The software giant even launched Service Pack 3 to improve the operating system just a bit more. Microsoft legitimized XP, and that only helped the operating system€™s adoption figures.

8. It€™s still solid

The funny thing about Windows XP is that if you boot up a machine running the software, it€™s still solid. In fact, it delivers the kind of experience that, while a little outdated, most folks would be happy to find on a PC. With Windows 8 looming, the old Windows XP style is dying off, but those who don€™t want to see that happen can stick with XP for as long as their computers will let them.

9. It€™s more secure than ever

OK, so Windows XP and "secure" didn€™t always go together. In fact, the operating system wasn€™t secure at all until Service Pack 2 launched. But now that cyber-criminals have turned their attention elsewhere, and thanks to help from Service Pack 3, the operating system is actually more secure than ever. Who would have thought that could happen?

10. Support lingers for years

If Microsoft really wanted to do away with Windows XP once and for all, the company would have ended all support for the operating system. Instead, Microsoft has said that it will provide support into 2014. If users know Microsoft will support the operating system, why should they even worry about ditching it?

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