Regulators Are Trying to Referee This Fight

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-24 Print this article Print

5. Advertising is a big issue

Google€™s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin realized long ago that in order to grow their company out of a simple startup, they€™d need to monetize search with ads. Once that business started to grow by leaps and bounds, Microsoft realized it had to get in on the online-ad game. That has only caused trouble between the two companies as they vie for every available ad dollar. For third-parties, however, it€™s turned out quite well: after Google acquired DoubleClick a few years ago, Microsoft responded with a purchase of a competing service, aQuantive.

6. The battle of regulators

Microsoft had been in the cross hairs of U.S. and international regulators for a number of years before Google started asserting its dominance. Now, much of the regulatory scrutiny Microsoft faced has focused on Google. And to make matters worse, Microsoft has done all it can to make it worse for Google by filing formal complaints against the company in the European Union over search practices. Regulators have quickly become very willing pawns in the war between both firms.

7. Both sides want outright demolition

Both Google and Microsoft are fighting such a vicious battle because they want to dominate the other. Simple victory in their battles is not enough for Microsoft or Google; both sides want to demolish the other. Given that, there won€™t be a truce or the holding back of any punches. In this war, only one will win and one will lose.

8. Fans can€™t stand each other

Although Microsoft hasn€™t always been the most popular technology company, in recent years, it has been able to build up a loyal fan base of people who can€™t stand Google. On the other side of the coin, Google has a loyal fan base that can€™t stand anything about Microsoft. Surprisingly, the battle between Microsoft and Google is as much about their fans as it is themselves.

9. Collateral damage is everywhere

Unfortunately, Microsoft and Google€™s battle is causing other, smaller companies to feel the aftereffects. For example, several Android vendors are targets of Microsoft€™s lawsuits. Google, meanwhile, is allowing its competition against Microsoft€™s Windows and other platforms to hurt companies delivering alternatives, such as Zoho€™s cloud-based office suite. Simply put, the collateral damage is major€”and it€™s everywhere.

10. Google is winning

Lastly, it€™s important not to forget that Google is actually winning right now. Microsoft has been made to look bad on countless occasions. And the software giant has fallen far behind Google in terms of search and other market-share measures. For Microsoft, trying to just get even is an obsession right now. The problem is that one of Google€™s obsessions is to make Microsoft look bad. Keep a close eye on this one.

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