How Well Will Windows 8 Compete in Tablet Market?

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5. How will it compete against Android, iOS?

Interestingly, this will be the first Windows version to compete head-on with both Apple iOS and Google Android in the tablet market. That means Windows 8-based tablets will be competing against the iPad, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung and even the Amazon Kindle Fire. How will Windows 8 devices hold up?

6. Will users go back to Classic?

Microsoft made the smart move of allowing customers who want to use the classic Windows user interface to do that from the platform. It should be rather interesting to see how many of those folks go back to Classic and ditch Microsoft's new Metro interface. As nice as its design might be, looks aren't everything.

7. Is this really the new Windows 95?

Microsoft has said that Windows 8 will effectively be the next Windows 95, initiating a major shift in the way the operating system acts and looks over the coming years. In other words, Microsoft is retiring old concepts€”including the Start button. But once the company launches release candidates and gets a full feel for how consumers feel about the operating system, it might have a change of tune. Remember: This is Microsoft, a company that has made several last-minute OS changes in the past.

8. How will ARM integration work?

ARM processors will finally be supported in Windows 8. However, there are a slew of question marks surrounding that support, including how applications will be handled, whether the experience will be different using devices with those chips and more. Hopefully, Microsoft won't make everyone wonder how ARM will work until the devices launch later this year.

9. When will it launch?

All this talk of Windows 8 leaves out one very important question: When will the operating system launch? At this point, all signs point to an October launch. But until Microsoft confirms that, take it with a grain of salt.

10. How will it respond to 'Mountain Lion'?

Apple has surprised many industry watchers by announcing plans to launch a new version of its own desktop operating system, Mac OS X "Mountain Lion," later this year. The move is designed to bring more iPad-like ideas to Macs, and it appears to be a shot over Microsoft's Windows 8 bow. It should be interesting to see how Windows 8 and Microsoft respond to Mountain Lion and handle what will almost certainly be a deluge of excitement surrounding the Apple operating system's launch.

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