Apple Expands the iMessage Community With Mountain Lion

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-07-25 Print this article Print


5. iMessage is now present

When Apple brought iMessage to its mobile products, the company said that it would transform how people communicate with each other over text. With iMessage now in Mountain Lion, users can not only text other iOS users, but can also communicate with OS X device owners. Not bad. 

6. AirPlay Mirroring is perfect for meetings 

Enterprise customers will be happy to hear that Mountain Lion supports Apple's AirPlay Mirroring. With that technology, users will be able to share their Mac screens on an HDTV. However, in order for the technology to work, users will need an Apple TV. Luckily they only cost $99. 

7. It makes no sense to wait 

When it's all said and done, what's the point of waiting for Mountain Lion? The operating system is what Apple will be installing in all future Macs, and the platform will receive the best support over the long term. Why not use it, knowing that it's better than Lion? 

8. Look for Facebook in the fall 

Apple has touted Facebook integration in Mountain Lion. The feature will allow users to post updates and check for user timeline changes from within the operating system. As nice as the feature sounds, it's worth noting that it won't be made available until the fall. 

9. Pricing is everything 

If nothing else, Apple has turned the operating system market on its head. First, the company started offering its software digitally. Now, it's charging just $19.99 for the software update. Pricing is everything in the operating system market. The low upgrade price is sure to keep Mac users happy and loyal and may persuade more people to buy Macs. 

10. It could mark a change in Apple's release schedule 

Over the last several years, Apple has launched updates to its operating system every two years. With Mountain Lion, however, the company updated its software just a year after Lion's launch. Does this mean Apple could be following a new release schedule? It's certainly possible. 

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