Microsoft Wants to Keep Customers Focused on Windows

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5. Keeping an eye on design? 

For years, Office was designed solely to be a useful productivity tool. But nowadays, Microsoft cares far more about design. That€™s why Windows 8 has such a unique, and some might say, nice design and why Microsoft has spent so much time improving the look and feel of Office. Design matters to Microsoft. 

6. It€™s still Windows first 

Microsoft will more than likely make a new version of Office available to Mac users, but the June 16 event focused solely on the Windows version. The decision to not discuss Mac underscores Microsoft€™s desire to deliver the best features to Windows users first. Only when it€™s ready will Microsoft offer up a new version of Windows for Macs. 

7. Looking ahead, not back 

Microsoft says that Office 2013 will work with Windows 7 and Windows 8, but those running outdated Windows XP or Windows Vista will be out of luck. It€™s actually refreshing to see Microsoft make that move. For too long, the software company focused on supporting legacy versions. It€™s about time it changes that. 

8. Office 365 matters 

According to Microsoft, owners of Office 2013 will be given the opportunity to buy the product with a subscription service delivered through Office 365. The move appears to highlight how important Office 365 is to Microsoft and why it might become a key part of the company€™s strategy in the coming years. Yes, Office 365 matters. 

9. Office is still its bread and butter application

Following that, it€™s important to note just how important Office appears to be for Microsoft. The company gave the software its own special event in San Francisco and dramatically changed the business model behind it to increase revenue. Office is very, very important to Microsoft, and enterprise users that rely upon it should be quite pleased to hear that. 

10. It€™s still the same old Microsoft 

When it€™s all said and done, however, it€™s important to point out that all of the additions and decisions made surrounding Office 2013 display more of the same from the software company. Office is still central to Microsoft€™s future success; the company is unwilling to give OS X early application support lest that lend Apple€™s platform additional credibility in the enterprise; and it wants to keep customers locked into Windows and its own Windows applications. It€™s definitely business as usual at Microsoft. 

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