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John, Nice sarcastic smear.
One of my former companys CIOs didnt trust his own IT staff to design and implement a mission-critical Claims Processing system to replace the aging one (he mustve decided we werent sufficiently competent, even though wed been supporting the existing claims system for years). So he farmed it out to a vendor on the other side of the continent. Two years later, they went live with the new system. It ran like a three-legged dog. They spent another 6 months tuning the application (written entirely in Java, but thats another rant). Now it runs more or less OK. His stated goal at the outset was to reduce his IT staff by 75 percent! And task those remaining with maintaining the new system (assuming the software was well-documented).
Once, I asked him point-blank what his vision was, and I got a load of bull-puckey instead of something concrete. I think his only vision was to annihilate the department. Shortly after deployment he left, and one of his hard-working line managers was promoted to his vacated seat. Communication has to occur from the bottom-up, as well as top-down. The CIO should set the example. Dan Clamage


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