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Has the SEC probe into whether you violated your quiet period been resolved? Well they did make the IPO effective. The way the IPO works is the SEC has to say, OK, everythings fine. You can look at the S-1 for all the risk factors, things we had to disclose for the actual details.
Whats the status of your planned forecasting upgrade? Some customers have been telling me that its been delayed.

I dont know that weve actually talked publicly about our forecasting product. Some customers are testing different components and giving us feedback, but we havent actually announced anything in that area per se. I think you might have information thats coming from these beta testers. That is not something that we have previously disclosed.

So theres no forecasting upgrade on the horizon?

Ill have to get back to you on that. Sometimes you get a little ahead of us because you have good data.

Is there going to be a fall 04 launch, and if so, what can we expect there? We have three new versions a year; theyre not catchy. We have our spring edition, our summer edition and our winter edition. So you can expect the next version coming up would be winter. And it would happen in the winter. At least a high level, can you talk about what is coming in that release? Were still working out what is in it. Youll see continued focus on customization, continued focus on integration, continued focus on global support, continued focus on our sharing model and the power of our sharing model, and a continued focus on delivering best-of-breed CRM functionality. takes advantage of Linux in its technology. Is there a competitive threat from open-source CRM?

I personally think that open source is very, very strong in the component area ... but we havent really seen open source as a competitor in the enterprise applications market space.

What about Billing Edition, your planned hosted back-office application services? Is that officially dead now? Are we going to just see partnerships and API integration there?

Weve released the first component of that. We use that inside the company, and we released the contracts management module, which is also one of our unique offerings. So the contracts management capability, which is a core part of that functionality, is the first component of that to actually get released. And I believe that is production now for all customers.

But order management, for example, thats going to be at the API level only? Order management and invoicing is actually available through [Salesforce.coms] Sforce API today. But it is not available at the user interface level, which is something were certainly evaluating. We have production code, weve demonstrated it, but we have not seen a huge interest in it from our customers who are still very much interested in that bread-and-butter CRM.

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